Economist Tom Peters diagnosed that human beings would not change too much during the next few decades, while companies behaviour would dramatically change. As it had been announced by Manuel Castells in his ‘Era de la Información’ the world economic scenario is now going through an organization process following a new manufacturing and innovation hierarchy linked to global networks. The architechture and direction of those networks is subject to ongoing changes and moves involving the cooperation between companies and places, sometimes cumulative through the history, sometimes turning pre-established patterns upside down, this leading to the generation of typically entrepreneurial actions that involve institutional organizations.

The new companies’ spatial rationale expands, thus creating multiple global industrial networks, the exclusions and intersections of which modify the idea of industrial location itself, the companies’ geographical location and their information flows. Global networks articulating the global business environment have an impact on local industries and on the operation of regional and local activities of businesses. Shared knowledge, dialog as a value and cooperative work facilitated and even driven by networks, as well as the new internet generation will be the best way ever to provide value to new companies where ‘knowledge workers’ and innovation generated by them are essential.

At an international level, the American Competitiveness Initiative. ACI of the US Government is highly significant. It has been launched this year, having a 10 year time horizon, and will commit 5.900 million dollars during fiscal year 2007 plus 136.000 million during the next 10 year period to increase investment in research and development. During the next decade a serious effort shall be done in order to attract and retain the most talented people, with the aim to improve competitiveness and job creation in the US, supporting the immigration general reforms and creating an environment that promotes entrepreneurship leading to the realisation of the best ideas.

Powerful Ideas Summit: a meeting on invention and business creation in a key point in time

Innovation is considered a leading edge issue by technology companies and global state-of-the-art knowlege mangement companies and this example will have to be followed necessarily by any and every company. They will have to improve and innovate unless they are prepared to disappear.

We feel this is a key time to re-approach diagnosis, analysis and ideas in order to sort out essential directions for the growth flows and find out which are the traits featured by success stories in business start up. This meeting has as a goal joint dialogue and debate between visionary tecnologists and businessmen; enlightening and rigurous scientists from public and private Universities which do not follow the academic inertia, featuring new ways to see and do things, venture capitalists who really love future; diligent institutional actors and determined business starters and top private investors both at local and global levels.

They will come from both sides of the Pacific, from innovation melting pots in Massachssetts, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia, they will be able to dialoge, chat and debate face-to-face and they will share their best ideas and phylosophies opening a real future to entrepreneurs. Different businessmen, entrepreneurs, organizations and companies will meet having a common aim: achieving excellence in business start up in this XXI Century that has already witnessed the second internet generation and the Web 2.0.

Entrepreneurs: leading actors of this Meeting

State-of-the-art entrepreneurs start their businesses today, most of them, by creating technology micro-companies or either businesses relying on scientific ideas and new business models, employing mainly ‘knowledge workers’ having a university diploma and people having experience in innovation and research. They are joined by business angels or venture capitalists experts in state-of-the art management techniques and business managemnt.

The Valencia Region in Spain, a perfect setting for the Powerful Ideas Summit

In a country like Spain and a Region like Valencia –it is one of the European regions having a highest ratio of university graduates- having a tradition on business and innovation, we are persuaded that invention and business innovation is the main gate leading to the channelling and projection of creative enegy generated by the outstanding knowledge wealth accumulated by Spanish young generations, the best ever educated generation in our country.

With the organization of this Meeting, the Valencia Regional Goverment and the Valencia Region are strongly supporting business entrepreneurs and actors in order to leverage their opportunities. Our ambitious objective is to emphasize our culture and disseminate, both at a local and global level, the effort made and the risks run by those young people building their future on entrepreneuship. It is our will to strongly contribute to and increase the level of acknowledgement both by the community and public opinion towards those young Spanish entrepreneurs. We want to contribute to strengthen and reinforce a positive and open vision about their own future.

What is seen by some people as a crisis, is seen by other people as an opportunity. As mentioned by Tim O’Reilly, crisis are the typical point in which an idea or a rising technology is ready to take up the place it deserves in the economic scene. As reality rules out impostors, the true success stories show their strength in the business practice and you start to understand which qualities make one different from the others.

This Meeting has as a main objective to be a meeting point for sharing different visions, expertise, best practices, ways to see and do things differently in the world, joined by a common interest that cannot be given for granted: that of imaginative creative intelligence that boosts business creation, and which will be the shearest measure of its liveliness and high standard on a long and short term basis, as well as one of the most significant data for its future configuration.

Meeting "Powerful Ideas Summit"

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